Marble + Milkweed for Etsy

I had the pleasure of photographing Briar Winters again for her feature on Etsy. I love how the images turned out. Go check her out on Etsy's blog! And to see more Marble + Milkweed, click here to see my shoot for Madesmith.

 All images © 2013 Christine Han Photography

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  1. These are fantastic! And how do you find all these lovely, light-filled studios?? Just so dreamy... I can picture her creating up the most wonderful scent combinations all day long in this space...

    PS: How is one's skin so milky white?? *swoon*

    1. Thanks, Hana! I know, I totally have studio envy when they're this full of light and well-curated (the ones that aren't are a lot more work to photograph). Briar puts so much care into everything she does, especially her products.