Marble + Milkweed for Madesmith

This is Briar Winters of Marble & Milkweed, in her Tribeca studio. I photographed her for Madesmith, whose mission is to "buy less, buy well." It's exciting to work with people whose work you can really stand behind! I'm honored to join Madesmith in telling these artisans' stories and connecting them to the community at large. 

To be honest with you, I am neither a tea-drinker nor a beauty product consumer.  I'm sure my skin is crying for all the anti-oxidants and such that I am not getting...but I think Marble & Milkweed could change my behavior. When I first encountered Briar Winters' concoctions, I nearly fell over because they smelled so good. I was unprepared, as I tend to think skincare products are boring (don't hate me!). I was there to photograph her and her studio for Madesmith and had just asked her to demonstrate her process of creating one of her products so that I could shoot it. Without much thought, I smelled it, and WHAM! My senses stopped in their tracks and transported me to some enchanted forest full of nostalgia and calm...

The particular concoction I got to smell had been a year in the works, and she was still perfecting it, as if it wasn't magical enough. But that's the kind of meticulous thought and care that Briar puts into every single thing she makes.

And her tea. Oh my. You will not encounter a more visually-pleasing mixture. As pretty as it is, its looks are second to its aroma. Too bad #smellovision isn't real or you could put your nose right in's enough to make this hardcore coffee drinker reconsider...

Head on over to Madesmith to read Briar's interview and buy one of her elixirs. They make great gifts (hint hint). Who wouldn't want to feel like they've fallen into a soft bed of flowers in the middle of a cool and quiet forest?

All images © 2013 Christine Han Photography for Madesmith


  1. i am a big fan of briar & her amazing marble&milkweed products.
    these are my favorites:
    modern chai no. 1
    rosy lip tint
    rose & ginger nourishing body oil
    {all 3 are in her madesmith set}
    and also, perfume serum no. 2

    i love your beautiful photos of her!

  2. Hi Catie, Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you get to meet Briar in person one day. Her energy is calm and warm, just like her products.