snow day

© 2011 Christine Han

This morning, we got the magic phone call: SNOW DAY! I had a hard time sleeping last night because I was hoping so hard for one. Snow days are truly one of the best things ever invented (I don't even mind the shoveling). The photo of T above, taken a few hours ago, shows exactly why I love snow days. I get to spend the day with my sweetheart, just sitting around our kitchen table shooting the s*** in beautiful afternoon light.


  1. chris! i'm soo envious of you guys! even happier that you BOTH got a snow day, wow! o the swede scoffs in the face of snow days. ;)

    you're so lucky to get such great light in your apt!

  2. Hana, I know! It's such a treat to get to enjoy the lovely light we get in our apartment. It's my favorite thing about our apartment.

    As for snow days, I've had more in my adult life than when I was a kid! Growing up around Chicago, it took a LOT to call a snow day.

  3. i heard ny got dumped on again! hope your plane gets out on time...can't wait to see you tmrw, girlie!