Griffith Observatory & my dearest Amy

All images © 2010 Christine Han

If you can believe it, this is Griffith Observatory, in Los Angeles. That's right, sunny LA was totally and completely rainy when I was there in December. The sun didn't come out even once on my four-day trip. But I didn't mind because, for one thing, rain makes for pretty cool pictures, and for another, I wasn't there to tour around. I was there to hang out/laugh/eat/drink/catch up with one of my closest friends, Amy. That's her above, soaking wet from trying to hold the umbrella up for me while I ran around with the camera. Many of the people I love endure such things for my sake, all the while laughing through whatever ridiculous things I'm having them do. And I am so grateful because I never even have to ask. They give their love freely and it's in those moments that I can see with clarity how lucky I am.

Of course, trying to remember how lucky I am and how lovey I can be is tossed out the window everyday on my commute, during which I curse all kinds of things in my head and try not to look like the angry/crazy person everyone avoids eye contact with. But seriously, what's up with the R/Q/N trains lately? It's enough to make grown men hit themselves with their own backpacks (at least he wasn't taking it out on little ol' me standing next to him).

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  1. I miss Amy! You captured her essence in these beautiful photos.

    And don't even get me started on the MTA these days!!