Delicate Arch

I had my doubts.

I had seen dozens of pictures of Delicate Arch, possibly the most famous landmark in Utah. I thought, "Pshah, whatever man. I can't NOT see it, but it's going to be disappointing and I'm SO not going to snap many pictures since that's been waaay overdone ".

Ha! I was totally wrong.

All images © Christine Han 2009

It was incredible.
Even with the 100 other people there (60% French plus a busload of Chinese tourists who each had to run up and touch the arch--very cute).

The arch itself did not disappoint. But the setting was what blew me away. Right next to it was a gigantic slickrock bowl, behind it were the La Sal Mountains, and the hike leading up to it had my eyes full the whole way. I would love to go back in winter when there's no one else around!


  1. Beautiful! The light is amazing and I love the colors. Now I have to go see it for myself...

  2. Christine Choi KimAugust 21, 2009 at 11:48 AM

    I absolutely love the ones with people next to the arch. It makes for a nice point of reference. :) such little people next to a grand part of nature.