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I bought a Lomo LC-A. I wanted it pretty badly. It was all I could think about for two days, until I lucked out and found one on Craigslist. It came wrapped in paper with a string tied around it. I am a sucker for paper-wrapped packages tied with string. The inside was even prettier, with a bright blue Made in Russia propaganda-style paper covering, and a handprinted serial number. Happy. :)
I got a vintage Russian one, but now they're made in China and marketed as the Lomo LC-A+. Here are a couple pics from their site, to illustrate what it can do (I couldn't find a name to attribute the images to):

All images from

I can't wait to try mine! I'm going to unleash it when I go to Utah next week.

On a petty note, I try not to care that Urban Outfitters now sells lomographic cameras, including my favorite Holga. But it's irritating. =P

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