Santa Monica

All images © Christine Han 2009

I've been all over the place this month! Just returned from Chicago, but before that I was in LA for Memorial Day weekend. I went there to visit my dear friend Amy, who took me hiking on the Paseo Miramar Trail in Santa Monica. Can't believe I was an LA hater when I first visited years ago. Now I love it and wonder why I stay in NYC...


  1. you make me really want to buy a holga!!!!!!!!
    where'd you get yours? got any suggestions?

    p.s. it was so great to see your beautiful face. :)

  2. I have three Holgas. One's a 120S that was given to me (they don't make that one anymore). The second is from Adorama, and I just got a third from I'd recommend getting one from Holgamods, as it isn't much more expensive to get two real f-stops and closer focusing!

  3. Come to the west coast!! LA is just a hop and a skip from where I am :). I love how you bring out the inherent beauty of LA, no fakeness, no celebrities, no drama

  4. I like the photo in the bottom right. It suggests some questions about the relationships between the six people and about the outlook of bench-sitting people versus ground-sitting people. Of course maybe the people on the becnh just got there first and took the bench :)