Busse Woods, IL

I'm in Chicago this week (for two weddings!), and whenever I visit my family in Illinois, we go to Busse Woods (that would be buh-shee ood-eu, to all you Koreans out there). I adore this place! It's great for jogging, biking, rollerblading, fishing, sitting, and general hanging out. My sister, Rosa, and I spent countless weekends there when we were growing up. We always turned into little brown peanuts running around outside (I don't think our parents knew about sunscreen).

All images © Christine Han 2009
I must confess the bottom b&w image is not from Busse Woods, nor is it of me and Rosa, but it's totally nostalgic-- Rosa and me as little kids, fishing with our dad at Busse Lake.


  1. very interesting images, thank you. I also do Holga photography and just started searching the net for blogs like yours. Am very excited))

  2. rosa took me bike riding in busse woods once.