Florence's (anti-)bridal shower camping weekend

April 18-19, 2009, Hickory Run State Park, Pennsylvania
It was awesome. We had so much fun.

The bride, Florence:

Maid of honor, Susie:

Susie and Florence have been friends since they were both 5 years old.

All images © Christine Han 2009


  1. the photos turned out great! even though i'm a terrible model...i have a funny face. :)

  2. fun~ it's always surprising to see myself in photos. it differs from the head-on mirror angle. your funny face is like the movie, flo. my funny face on the other hand...not so much. the photos are great, though! the light looks really cool in the shot of us sitting on the lawn with the sky behind us.

  3. Beautiful shots! You all look like you were having a blast, what a great idea for a bridal shower! Are these mostly Holga with a couple of Hassey? Love 'em!

  4. Thanks Karen! We all laughed a lot. Actually this set is all Holga. I did take some with the Hassy but haven't developed those yet.