Old friends

© Christine Han 2008
There's something so wonderfully comfortable about friends you go way back with, isn't there? It's like putting on an old t-shirt you just pulled out of the dryer. I'll be in Chicago this weekend for my dear friend's bridal shower. Christine and I go way back to junior high school, when she thought I hated her. It wasn't true. But my natural face was so dour and angry-looking back then that it was often misinterpreted as hate. We sorted things out by the end of the 8th grade (my face, on the other hand, took years of work to adopt a more neutral expression). Christine is one of the kindest and most beautiful people I know. She wasn't posing in the picture here. I scrambled to snap this shot of her when I saw her because that expression is what I've know for 15 years...

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  1. :) an entry for lil ole me? i'm honored. Can't wait to see you on Saturday. I'm so glad you're coming.