My first Holga images

A couple years ago, Laurel Nakadate suggested I get a Holga, on account of it being a cheap way to explore medium format. Well, I fell in love and was thrilled to be able to make square pictures, which is how I'd been seeing the world anyway. These are the first images that got me hooked:

All images © Christine Han 2007
The dream-like quality produced by the imperfect plastic lens goes perfectly with my dreamy point of view. Soon after, I ran out and got a used Hasselblad (so much for cheap), which produces super sharp pictures--also beauteous! The square is such a beautiful shape.


  1. i love holga shots! yours are really great! they make me wanna break out my dad's old rollei tlr (not square) but i miss that "heft" in a camera... if that makes any sense.

    have you seen the "into the sunset" exhibition at MoMA? it's really quite interesting, beautiful and sad all at the same time. thanks for your note on my blog! baking is fun, but i'm inspired to get back into photography... hopefully i'll run into you again soon!

  2. susie passed me onto your webpage.

    i love the holga images. it makes me want to go buy one.