Tree of the Day

I loooove trees. They are one of my most favorite things in the whole world. I hope you like them too because I'm going to keep taking pictures of them and forcing you to look. :)

This one's name is El Tule. I took a bus from Oaxaca, Mexico to Santa Maria del Tule just to see him.

El tule © Christine Han 2006

He's estimated to be about 1500 years old, but what's more impressive is his size. Look at the postcard below (photographer unknown). There are 20 children lined up around one side of his trunk!


  1. that tree photo you took is my new desktop background :)

  2. this is one of those great frame-worthy pieces to hang on the's also now my desktop bkgrnd as well. :)

    congratulations, you've just been added to my daily websites to check. hehe. gonna live vicariously through your travels and photos~