The Best Lobster I've Ever Had

All images © 2012 Christine Han Photography

...was at Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound on Mount Desert Island in Maine.  It was a 2lb hard shell with the most succulent meat, perfectly briny but balanced by an underlying sweetness.  It was so good that for the first time, I was sucking out everything from every little part of every little leg and even the end of the tail part that you wouldn't think had any meat in it.

After trying both soft shell and hard shell lobsters, I'm in the hard shell camp.  They have more meat because they've grown fully into their shells.  Soft shells are supposed to be sweeter and more tender, but I didn't notice much of a difference and preferred the succulence and sheer meatiness of the hard shells.

Trenton Bridge was simply the best lobster pound we went to.  It's family-owned and operated and did not feel touristy.  They boil the lobsters in seawater over a wood fire in a row of pots outside.  If that weren't enough reason to go, they also happen to have amazing blueberry pie.


  1. OMG - these look amazing!! I love the vibrant colors, the enamelware and the carnage. Summer feels so long ago! :(

  2. whoa, amazing shots. i LOVE lobster. read the secret lives of lobsters by trevor corson, very cool stuff :)