Tocha's Lomo pics of us in Hawaii

The Hamakua coast:

Volcanoes National Park:
Me on lava rocks in my favorite shirt.  I like it so much I have two.  I had no idea I wore it so much until I saw these photos.

The gorgeous sea arch at the end of Crater Rim Drive.

My makeshift sunscreen.

Kilauea Iki Trail

Hiking onto the crater floor, Kilauea Iki Trail, in the same shirt.

It's raining and that's T's finger in the frame.  It rained a whole lot on the Hilo side of the island.

The floor of an old volcanic crater!

Mauna Kea Volcano summit:

You can't see, but I'm wearing the same shirt underneath the parka and fleece.

Behind us are giant telescopes!

Boy was it windy and cold up there.

Punalu'u Black Sand Beach:


Wow, is that the same shirt?

Wai'pi'o Valley:

The real us--sweaty, pimply, wearing ugly glasses.

Having margaritas at Luquin's in Pahoa:

Happy as can be, in my favorite shirt, with my favorite man, eating my favorite food (tacos).
All of these photos were taken by Tocha on his Lomo, © 2012 Tocha Alberts.


  1. great photos tocha! you guys look so happy and relaxed...

  2. you guys look so happy! so glad you had such a fun time :)

  3. Looks amazing! I love the photos, especially of the sea turtles! :D