© 2011 Jordan Chow

Sorry about the long intermission between posts...but Tocha and I got married last month! Above is one of my favorite moments from our wedding, shot by T's friend and groomsman Jordan Chow.

We went to Mohonk Mountain House for our mini-moon following the wedding. There were photo opportunities galore there...but my favorite snapshots from our two days have little to do with the scenery.

I discovered the joy of Hipstamatic on this trip, thanks to Tocha. Hipstamatic is pretty great--makes me question whether I'll ever use the Holga again (gasp). All of the above were shot on the iPhone 4 by either Tocha or me.


  1. love these pictures. you guys look so happy. :)

  2. thanks rosa, soon enough you will get to have a very similar experience ;)

  3. I love these all, especially the one of you in the boat and the breakfast plates! God, I love you guys!! :D

  4. Awwww...we love you and O so much too!