White, Red, and Wheat

All images © 2011 Christine Han

I love this winter color palette. There's something very soothing about it. I can hear the snow crunch under my feet and feel the nippy wind on my cheeks...which may not be what immediately comes to mind when you think of "soothing" things. But for me I'm reminded of the countless winter walks in Illinois I've taken with my family. Whom I miss.


  1. Such a pretty palette - I almost thought you took these in Sweden! ;)

  2. The Midwest WAS settled by a lot of Scandinavians...kind of makes sense.

  3. The berries look amazingly crisp and beautiful. I stumbled across your site by accident, but I love the photos.

    If you have the time, please check out my paintings at colorsweetrecipes.wordpress.com :D I'd love to read what you have to say.