It's 1/1/11...Happy New Year!

I'm not sure about lucky numbers, but it's got to be good luck for the first day of the new year to be all 1's! I wish you all many blessings this year. May we all work hard to improve ourselves, bring happiness to our family and friends, and make this world a little better. May 2011 also be filled with an abundance of beautiful light!

All images © 2010 Christine Han

Yup, I know it's winter now and that Fall has passed, but I hope you'll indulge me with these last photos. 2010 just whizzed by too quickly for me to process properly and I got behind. Only in the last week have I accepted that the snow is real, and that the holidays had not come early. I thought there was some kind of time vortex that I may have fallen into, but alas, the speed at which time flies is just how life is. I hope to be better at savoring life's bits this year! Wishing you a beautiful 2011.



  1. Let there be light in 2011! Can't wait to what this year brings us! :D xoxoxo!

  2. love the first two... wish i could blow them up on my walls so i could keep gazing at that light!