Stockholm, Sweden (what a weekend!)

© Christine Han 2010

Our dear friends Hana & Olof got married! It was an AMAZING wedding. Never have I seen so many grown men cry. It made me very happy and I am honored to have been there to celebrate with them. That was Saturday. More on that later when I get some pictures back.

Then on Sunday, as if I wasn't happy enough already (Hana, Olof, their friends, and Stockholm are WONDERFUL), Tocha proposed. We were chilling on a bench in a park in Sodermalm. It was a complete surprise! I thought I was hallucinating because sometimes I have very vivid dreams. I love this man so much.


  1. Congratulations, Christine!! That's a really cute picture of you guys. :)

  2. love that photo of you guys! and so happy for you two of course.

  3. i couldn't be more thrilled for you two. <3