Arches National Park, Part 1

The park's pride and joy: Delicate Arch. It was so amazing that it deserves its own post. But I had to show you a preview because I'm impatient.

The campground at Arches National Park was lovely. There's our beloved little white Toyota Rav 4. I did not want to give it back to Hertz. Seriously, I had a 5 minute conversation with T about the possibility of running away from all our responsibilities, with the car (i.e. "do you really think there's a lo-jack in this thing?"). If you look really closely (click to enlarge), the little black speck to the left of the car is Tocha doodling around our campsite.

We woke up to skies like this almost everyday.

I am attracted to all grasses, reeds, reed-like weeds. Anything that sways in the breeze and lights up at sunset.

Lots of RV's. Many contained French tourists. Who knew the Southwest was so big with the French? Can anyone explain this phenomenon? I heard more French than English during my 10 days out there.

All images © Christine Han 2009

I'm just getting revved up with the Utah pictures. There are many more coming, whether you like it or not I guess :)

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