lunch break

a little break from Utah photos...

lunch from our patio garden!
1. pick a bunch of cherry tomatoes and basil
2. boil a box of whole wheat penne
3. toss everything together with feta cheese and extra virgin olive oil (i like the greek kind--nice and fruity)
4. sprinkle salt and crack fresh pepper

5. eat!
(of course, i had to take pictures between steps 4 and 5)

All images © Christine Han 2009


  1. Mmm that makes my mouth water and my stomach rumble. And I just ate dinner!

  2. I've really been loving basil this summer! I want to grow my own herbs now. It's so expensive buying it! But I think it's too late in the season. Am I right?

  3. aw, yeah it's too late to grow basil outside. it may be possible to grow it indoors though, if your house is warm and you put it by lots of light!