holga foam accident

I swear the wedding pictures are coming soon, probably tomorrow. I promise at least one of the weddings will be up. The lab said I'd get all my film back today or tomorrow. I can't wait to see them all! For now, I offer this crazy looking picture from Christine and Will's reception. Because Holgas are so cheaply made, the foam on the inside came off as I was winding the film and it became part of the film. Originally I was scared that it ruined the whole roll. Turns out that it only ruined it a little, and besides that, I love what it did for this picture. Somehow the Kodak letters got burned into it too.
The girl with the hair is my sister Rosa, also one of Christine's bridesmaids. The guy is the bride's sister's boyfriend. Anyone know who that hand coming out of the abyss belongs to? Is it the bride's?

© Christine Han 2009


  1. It looks like they have a wedding ring on. It's probably Christine, the bride. :) Fun picture!

  2. nope, wasn't me! i think it was grace h's hand! :) *sigh* I'm in love with your blog. this accidental picture is perfect.

  3. This is what we wanna see more of...