Christine Choi's Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Extravaganza

May 2, 2009
Chicago, IL

Grace, the Matron of Honor, hosted the bridal shower in her lovely apartment in Chicago. When I saw all the natural light she gets in there, I thought,"ch-ching!". Mostly, I ran around with a Polaroid so we could get pictures of all the girls and make a scrapbook for the bride right then and there. Wish I had scans of some of those. The film in there had expired a long time ago and it gave the pictures a real 70's vintage vibe. I did manage to squeeze in a few shots with my Nikon FM2, before I inhaled a cupcake(s).

The pretty lady on the right is Ann, the bride's sister and the Maid of Honor. She made the cutest, cheekiest aprons for all of us (i.e. with quotes ironed on, such as "That's icing, I swear"). Wish I'd snapped a picture of them but I was busy screwing up the baking demo. We were supposed to make molten chocolate cake but I forgot to add the flour :( Bad baking leader, bad.

Christine and her boas

Dinner was at Sunda (good job, Rosa). It was a fantastic experience. The chefs and the waitstaff went WAY above and beyond to make us feel welcome and cared for. And the food was delicious! The sashimi was really really good (and I'm picky because I think I know about sushi or something, ha). Oh, and Derek Lee was sitting at a table next to us. I know nothing about sports so it didn't mean much to me, but I'll admit it, I totally love celebrity sightings anyway.

The ladies

Alas, the bride cut our wild night short at 10:45pm. She had had her fill and feared what we would make her do should the evening continue. It was a good day. Chris, I'm so glad I was able to be there, and I really am honored to be your bridesmaid :)

The bride-to-be, Christine (her sister says that at some point in the night, "happy" Christine started flapping her hands like a bird. I think this was when she started doing that.)

Moi, rockin' the boa

All images © Christine Han 2009


  1. nice pictures, christine! see you at flo's wedding! guys are getting ready at my place. so see you before then! haha. ;o)

  2. my, oh my, i've missed many postings and beautiful photos! the bachelorette celebrations looked like a blast! have a wonderful time in la and see you soon! xo!

  3. pretty! guess which is my favorite... top right, the cupcakes in the front of the sklyline! they look like they want to fly away. christine's portrait is so cute too.

  4. Lovely photos! I love how whimsy they look! This is Sarah by the way from the wall message =)

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