Road Trip! Upstate New York

Two weekends in a row--how lucky am I?! Well, we only drove a couple hours upstate, but that counts, right? I absolutely adore road trips, in every form. Funny thing is I don't like driving at all. So what I really like is road trips where I am chauffeured by a (very) patient driver who is willing to make screeching halts and u-turns whenever I scream "STOP! Oh oh STOP! I need to take a picture of that!" Hee hee, thank you Tocha, thank you Rosa, thank you Gerry and Florence!

Good news is, I've learned to turn off the backseat driver in me almost completely (right Tocha? Right Rosa? Huh? Huh?). Unless I feel extremely threatened, and then I can't help it because self-preservation mode takes over. Wha-at, what would you do if you were about to be smashed between two 18-wheelers (or at least felt like you were, ahem)?!

Anyway, last weekend, Tocha and I drove to Port Jervis to visit a friend and hit up the Delaware Water Gap, where two years ago T had the most fun camping, eating steamed clams, and getting caught drinking beer basically right by a sign that said "alcoholic beverages prohibited." I'd been hearing about this awesome experience ever since we met, so I was delighted to finally see this holy ground. I still have to have the film developed, but here's a few that made it on my last roll.

The weekend before that, we went to Lake Minnewaska with our good friends Florence and Gerry. We had the nicest stroll around the lake, which involved lots of stopping to sit on sunny rocks overlooking the hills and the water.

All images © Christine Han 2009


  1. more! i love these

  2. Hi Christine,
    Congrats on your new blog, it looks great! I love the Holga shots in particular. It's true that it's one of the best cameras to bring on a road trip, because you can literally throw it in the car, and the pics will only look better!

  3. welcome, chris!! these are all very beautiful pictures; i can't wait to see more!!

    i'm going to link you right away! thanks for adding me as well :)


  4. yay, it's up! photos look beautiful, of course. even the one with the pine cones "offered" to you. i'm going to check in regularly to see your progress, no pressure ;)